The rebirth of hospitality

Vistas of the Blue Head Mountain Range.  A favorite view for our Bed and Breakfast guests travelling to North Carolina.
Bull Head Mountain in North Carolina

Covid has hit us all very hard particularly those in small businesses such as the Bed and Breakfast Hospitality Industry. January for many is about planning and thinking about the future. It’s a time of rebirth, making New Year’s resolutions and taking steps to add new routines to better our lives and to make a difference in this world. This is the first January that Byron and I have not been innkeepers or active parents going to baseball games or school events. We are blessed to have our health and to have retired to a beautiful area of our country where we are loving the milder winters, four seasons, and southern hospitality.

Our new consulting business, Waterfall-Associates is all about giving back. We both have such a deep love for the hospitality industry, and we have so much HOPE for the future. While Covid news is unsettling, we feel so positive that the smaller Bed and Breakfast and Inns, with the right planning and vision, will thrive and have a strong advantage going forward.


All the buzz in the travel industry is using the phrase “pent up demand” and we have already seen this phenomenon with many of our friends in the industry.

Happily Full sign and front yard at Brewster by the Sea Inn
Our first inn, Brewster by the Sea.

Cape Cod, the home of our two former inns saw just that last summer. Amy, the innkeeper/owner at Brewster by the Sea told us that last summer as soon as she had a cancellation a new booking would happen. So many people in a 200 mile radius were looking to get away to a safe destination where they could be pampered, that the demand far exceeded the supply.

There are many opportunities for bed and breakfasts to reclaim lost revenue in 2021. With proper marketing to ensurer your future guests will feel safe and pampered, we feel strongly that the well run bed and breakfasts will have a great year. We loved our “no vacancy” sign at Brewster by the Sea which we replaced with “Happily Full” We always wanted to stress the positives rather than the negatives and now that motto is so important as everyone is looking for the happy things in life.

Reclaiming Hospitality

Former guest being pampered at the Captain Freeman Inn with our pouch- Harrison

The big advantage small inns and bed and breakfast have over the larger hotels is the ability to make sure each guest is delighted and overjoyed to be at their property. You can pamper them with great coffee, fabulous food, room massages and facials, beautiful flowers to make them smile- you get the picture- all the things that innkeepers are great at- letting the guest know how special and appreciated they are and providing a safe environment where they can relax and be pampered..

A new Trip Adviser review that our friends at Candleberry Inn just received is a true example of the power of hospitality. Great job Marco and Angelo-

“My husband and I were looking for a bit of a refuge and a bit of pampering over this very different New Year’s and knew just where to find it! We first discovered the Candleberry Inn this Summer when we similarly were looking for a bit of an escape from all the worry in this tumultuous year. Staying with Marco and Angelo is like going home to a very loving family. They first and foremost make you feel so comfortable and safe in their scrupulously clean and beautifully appointed inn. Angelo’s’ breakfasts are almost too pretty to eat, but eat them we did. The afternoon coffee and homemade biscotti and cookies are just the thing after a morning of walking on the nearby beaches and nature trails. What a treat when Marco and Angelo delivered a bottle of champagne and Italian cake to our room sometime before midnight on New Years Eve. There is pride and love in everything they do, and it shows. We are already so looking forward to our next visit” Trip Adviser review of the Candleberry Inn on Cape Cod

mini chocolate cupcakes
Molten Expresso Tea Cakes

Inn Keeping consulting

One of our old tag lines was “Fine lodging is in the details” – It served us well over the years as we were known for many details at both of our inns that kept repeat guests coming back year after year. If you are unsure of the details that will separate your inn from all the others- call us for a free visit to your inn to talk about the services we offer. Now is the time to beef up your ad campaigns to attracts new guests to your inn and for your social media to keep repeat guests coming back for your unmatched Bed and Breakfast hospitality during these crazy times.

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