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  • Outrageous Chocolate Chip Cookies for Bed and Breakfasts

    Yes, these delicious cookies really are outrageous and very easy to make! We recently made a batch and shared with our neighbors. Byron and I quickly realized that we should have made a double batch as we were arguing over who got the last one. Care to try other cookie recipes for your Bed and […]

  • Cleaning your inn; The Covid-19 era

    Cleaning your inn; The Covid-19 era

    The new cleaning protocol in Hospitality The traditional hospitality industry has always paid attention to cleaning common areas and guest rooms. and with the onset of Covid-19 these cleaning standards are now being updated and improved even more. Typically the modern bed and breakfast and small inn excels in cleanliness above and beyond other types […]

  • How to attract Millennials to your inn

    How to attract Millennials to your inn

    Attracting younger Millennials to your inn can be a game changer to your bottom line! This younger clientele is independent, books on line, and requires little interaction with staff. In other words, they are your perfect guest.