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Is there a magic bullet to achieve marketing success?

Honestly, it’s not just one or two things that will make a marketing difference but many things working together! We have learned that success comes when you consistently brand your property with a thoughtful marketing campaign that is brought together with iconic pictures, blogging, SEO, digital marketing and social media.

Marketing your inn could never be more important with many businesses struggling through these Covid times. The inns that are planning ahead now with well thought through marketing strategies will generate much success in 2021 as there will be plenty of pent up demand for travelers. If figuring out your marketing plan feels overwhelming or you just do not have time, consider letting us take care of your marketing needs.

We have plenty of tips that have worked for us over the years. Our business, Waterfall Associates, is a consulting business that focuses on giving you personal guidance and mentoring to reach your goals and to make your property shine!

Highlighted below are some marketing tips to set your inn or bed and breakfast apart from your competition.

Embrace your brand

Logos, iconic pictures and social media should always reinforce your brand

Ideally, you should develop your brand at the start of your business. But as we tell all of our clients, it’s never too late to understand and to redefine the brand of your property. We were very fortunate when we started the Captain Freeman Inn to have the help of a very successful branding executive from NYC. She helped us develop our brand and the importance of carrying that brand throughout our property and through our social media and pictures. Let us help you define your brand.

Keep things consistent

We believe that marketing success comes when you have a thoughtful marketing plan that is consistently placed in front of your existing guests through social media and e-mail blasts and reaching new guests through digital marketing. I remember smiling when one guest told me that everywhere he searched Captain Freeman Inn came up-now that is the ultimate goal!

For our clients we recommend 3-4 instagram and facebook posts per week, 1 e-mail newsletter per month and 3-4 blogs per month that all reinforce the topics you have preplanned such as holiday gift Cards, summer events, covid practices, etc. We recommend keeping your topics by season and using your blogs to reinforce your SEO marketing (more on that later)

Have fun with your Social Media

We like to have fun with our social media. There is enough gloom in our world and readers look to us for positive posts. Guests love to see pictures of your homemade food, happenings at the inn or in your area.

Home made sorbet was one of our specialties

Invest in Google Ad Words

When it comes to marketing you have to spend money to make money and the best place these days is with Google. There are some tricks to make these campaigns successful . Let us help you increase your ROAS (return on ad spending) and bring new guests to your property.

Connect with your repeat guests often

Your repeat guests are your most valuable marketing asset. When they come and have a good time they will tell their friends and hopefully come back many times. We successfully connected with our repeat guests through personal e-mails, newsletters, facebook and instagram and at the end of our tenure were blessed to have over 50% of our guests being repeat.

Adjust your advertising budget seasonally

It’s so important to stay on top of your analytics and to know when you get the most bang for your buck with your advertising dollar. Depending on your season and past data your advertising campaign can be scheduled when it will reach the most bookable clients.

Tomato Tart for breakfast

Use good photography

Our experienced photographer can capture iconic shots for your property- whether it’s a picture of your inn, your food, your area, everything works together for your future guests to take that action to book a stay with you.

Fresh Content is King

We consistently like to change the content on your web site through specials and blogging. Google loves fresh content and rewards you through SEO (search engine optimization) of your web site and google searches. With this fresh content, consistency and a thoughtful ad campaign, over time your business will flourish! We will create blogs that have fresh subjects and content that travelers are searching for in your area that in turn builds targeted traffic to your site.

Monitor, monitor, monitor

It is critical to constantly monitor the traffic to your web site and booking- comparing current to past data. Each month we will provide you with reports monitoring your ROI (return on investments) and the success of your ad campaigns. We treat each of our client’s property as if our own and will communicate bi-monthly to review the new traffic and revenue from the results of the marketing plan.

Let Waterfall Associates take your property to the next level!

With over 17 years of successfully bringing two inns from bankruptcy to profitability and meanwhile earning top-rated national reputations we know what it takes.  Our goal for you is simple- to treat your property as if our own and to increase your bookings and profitability. Our consulting services combine a broad range of talents with a passion for small business success. 

We love to work behind the scenes to expand your on-line presence and drive those guests to your inn. Call us today for a free consultation and site visit. You can check out the detail of our services here.

Our bed and breakfast marketing plan will maximize your profits and let you get back to the things you love the most about owning and bed and breakfast- spending time with your guests and making sure their stay was perfect!

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