Should InnKeepers go on Diets?

OK- let’s talk honestly about retirement- which we just did after 17 years of inn keeping! Byron and I are having a blast in North Carolina renovating our home and meeting really sweet retired neighbors. Funny how we chose a neighborhood that is mostly retired, relaxed and really friendly folks. Even during the epidemic we […]

Decorating your Inn during Covid

Decorating homes and inns has been my passion for the past 30 years. I love that something so simple as changing a paint color and updating fabrics can transform an entire room. These past six months I have had the pleasure of decorating and remodeling our retirement home that is located in the mountains of […]

Cleaning your inn; The Covid-19 era

The new cleaning protocol in Hospitality The traditional hospitality industry has always paid attention to cleaning common areas and guest rooms. and with the onset of Covid-19 these cleaning standards are now being updated and improved even more. Typically the modern bed and breakfast and small inn excels in cleanliness above and beyond other types […]

The stories of a successful Inn Keeper Couple

With over 18 years of inn keeping under our belts and recently retired, we decided that this is the perfect opportunity to share our experience and passion with other innkeepers and thus Waterfall Associates, LTD was formed last month. We have been doing the ground work to think through our business plan along with creating […]