Outrageous Chocolate Chip Cookies for Bed and Breakfasts

Yes, these delicious cookies really are outrageous and very easy to make! We recently made a batch and shared with our neighbors. Byron and I quickly realized that we should have made a double batch as we were arguing over who got the last one. Care to try other cookie recipes for your Bed and […]

Are you pet friendly, ideas!

Traveling with your pet Pet-friendly travel has changed so much over the years! We can speak from experience of the days when pet friendly rooms were NOT top notch and very expensive! Current trends now have many upscale inns and bed and breakfasts offering luxurious lodging, top-notch amenities for the humans and delicious dog treats […]

The rebirth of hospitality

Covid has hit us all very hard particularly those in small businesses such as the Bed and Breakfast Hospitality Industry. January for many is about planning and thinking about the future. It’s a time of rebirth, making New Year’s resolutions and taking steps to add new routines to better our lives and to make a […]

Marketing tips for your Bed & Breakfast/Inn

Is there a magic bullet to achieve marketing success? Honestly, it’s not just one or two things that will make a marketing difference but many things working together! We have learned that success comes when you consistently brand your property with a thoughtful marketing campaign that is brought together with iconic pictures, blogging, SEO, digital […]

10 tips in choosing the perfect paint colors for your property

Paint that inspires the feeling you want to evoke Choosing the right paint colors has the power to transform your property! Whether you have a modern chic inn, historical B&B architecture, minimalism or our favorite ’boutiquey style” -we have some easy tips for you to follow. We have painted dozens of rooms in our tenure […]