Category: Inn Keeping Operations

  • The rebirth of hospitality

    Covid has hit us all very hard particularly those in small businesses such as the Bed and Breakfast Hospitality Industry. January for many is about planning and thinking about the future. It’s a time of rebirth, making New Year’s resolutions and taking steps to add new routines to better our lives and to make a […]

  • Pies, pies and more pies

    This morning I woke up with plenty of energy and in the Christmas spirit. Its been a hard year for so many and I find myself working constantly on keeping positive and looking for the blessings! Today my blessings came through memories of my Mom as I was making our holiday pie shells. As I […]

  • Cleaning your inn or home the Brazilian Way

    Cleaning tips from the pros Over the years I have cleaned our home, cleaned the inn’s guest rooms and supervised our cleaning crew for over 17 years. I always thought I was somewhat of an expert- I have written cleaning manuals and thought my way was the best way!

  • Cleaning your inn; The Covid-19 era

    Cleaning your inn; The Covid-19 era

    The new cleaning protocol in Hospitality The traditional hospitality industry has always paid attention to cleaning common areas and guest rooms. and with the onset of Covid-19 these cleaning standards are now being updated and improved even more. Typically the modern bed and breakfast and small inn excels in cleanliness above and beyond other types […]