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  • Outrageous Chocolate Chip Cookies for Bed and Breakfasts

    Yes, these delicious cookies really are outrageous and very easy to make! We recently made a batch and shared with our neighbors. Byron and I quickly realized that we should have made a double batch as we were arguing over who got the last one. Care to try other cookie recipes for your Bed and […]

  • Lemon Meringue Pie

    Happy to report that our holiday pies were a huge success with not one bite left in a few days. Apple pie is always my favorite but I must say this new Lemon Meringue recipe came in a close second. I have promised myself to NEVER to use the box pie filling again as there […]

  • Pies, pies and more pies

    This morning I woke up with plenty of energy and in the Christmas spirit. Its been a hard year for so many and I find myself working constantly on keeping positive and looking for the blessings! Today my blessings came through memories of my Mom as I was making our holiday pie shells. As I […]

  • Blueberry Lemon Muffins are always a crowd pleaser

    Blueberry Lemon Muffins are always a crowd pleaser

    Easy breakfast recipes for inn keepers I just love looking back at old pictures and the above was how we use to serve muffins and scones at Brewster by the Sea. Yesterday I had an old dear friend visit, which tickled me pink as these times tend to make visits more virtual than in person. […]

  • Family traditions move to the mountains!

    Today we had a pretty fabulous day- our new metal roof was completed, the painters start tomorrow AND I made a batch of our treasured Molasses Cookie to share with the roofing crew and a neighbors. It’s the first batch made since selling the inn.

  • Why do homemade pancakes taste so good?

    This morning I decided to post a different breakfast or dessert recipe every week! Byron and I both agreed that our pancake recipe was probably the most popular with repeat guest and on our menu once a week. With the Labor Weekend upon us I thought it a perfect time to share while you may […]

  • Should InnKeepers go on Diets?

    Should InnKeepers go on Diets?

    OK- let’s talk honestly about retirement- which we just did after 17 years of inn keeping! Byron and I are having a blast in North Carolina renovating our home and meeting really sweet retired neighbors. Funny how we chose a neighborhood that is mostly retired, relaxed and really friendly folks. Even during the epidemic we […]

  • Chick Pea Summer Salad

    I am always looking for summer salads that are not only good for you but easy to make. Our vegetarian neighbors shared this salad recipe with us and I found it so tasty and easy to make that I just had to share! Thinking of our inn keeper friends that are working especially hard this […]