About Us

Donna and Byron Cain sitting in the parlor at the Captain Freeman Inn with their pooch Harrison
Donna and Byron and Harrison too sitting in the parlor of our old inn, Captain Freeman Inn

Retired Bed and Breakfast Owners

Anyone who owns a hospitality (Bed and Breakfast, Inn, Home Rental) business has a desire to take care of people. We owned and operated our two Bed and Breakfasts on Cape Cod (Brewster By The Sea and Captain Freeman Inn) for a total of 17 years with 4 years overlapping. Our new role of inn-keeping consultants will allow us to continue our passion for hospitality and being successful through helping other owner / operators.

Two questions were always asked while we were innkeepers.
1:) why did you become innkeepers and

2:) what did you do before you became innkeepers

Before answering those questions we will now be asked an important question of why do you want to be inn-keeping consultants.

—why consultants –

We are team players, from our corporate background and now to the success of the hospitality industry and our clients. When we purchased our first inn many years ago Byron always emphasized that he wanted our inn to stand out and be successful but also wanted our seaside town of Brewster to be a popular tourist destination, which in turn meant success for all the other inns and businesses in Brewster. We found the tools and techniques that “made the cash register ring” , allowing us to bring two bankrupt properties to be not only successful and sought after, and also voted this year in the prestigious Top 20 inns in the country by Trip Adviser. Our new goal is to share our success strategies with 5-6 clients in non competing areas.

And now on to the two most asked questions of innkeepers- (we can’t wait to hear the answer to these two questions when we start working together)

—-why innkeepers

After our last child entered college we decided it was time for a new adventure in life. Like so many innkeepers share- we love to entertain, we are good at renovating homes, Donna loves to cook and decorate and Byron has a background in technology and engineering- the perfect mix for being successful innkeepers. Living in Texas at the time we went to an inn keeping seminar and set our goals to find a profitable inn that was near Donna’s aging mother in the Berkshires. Shortly after we found Brewster by the Sea on Cape Cod which was a VERY run down property with so much potential. Never looking back and loving every minute we made Brewster by the Sea profitable in 6 years which allowed us to cross collateralize the purchase of our second inn, the Captain Freemen which was in foreclosure. Running two inn at the same time did create some challenges and we came to appreciate our children’s help and a great staff to continue the level of hospitality we were known for. After selling both inns successfully these past 4 years we decided it was time for a new adventure which included purchasing a mountain home in North Carolina and creating this new consulting business..

—-what did you do before

Donna was raised in the Berkshires and graduated from Boston College with a major in Business. When the kids were young she created a catering business with her friend called “A Catered Affair” Later moving to Houston she worked as a furniture buyer, first for an American Furniture Store, Star Furniture and later for a Scandinavian company, Danish Inspirations. Both jobs allowed her to develop her interior design and decorating skills.

Byron was raised in Cody, Wyoming and moved to the Florida Keys after high school. Thereafter, he went to college in Arizona, gathering an engineering degree and was hired by Texas Instruments. Most of his career was involved with geophysics and underwater acoustics while finishing his career managing large software groups. The rest is history outlined above.