10 tips in choosing the perfect paint colors for your property

Paint that inspires the feeling you want to evoke

Choosing the right paint colors has the power to transform your property! Whether you have a modern chic inn, historical B&B architecture, minimalism or our favorite ’boutiquey style” -we have some easy tips for you to follow. We have painted dozens of rooms in our tenure of inn keeping and found for our brand and decor we liked earthy and neutral tones that appealed to modern travelers. We found this palette to be comforting, calming and gender neutral. Our consulting firm, Waterfall-Associates can help you decide on your brand and the feeling you want to evoke. Color design boards are a great place to start and we can help you plan a complete design over hall or update just one room. Check out a former blog from the Captain Freeman Inn that chronicled the Brewster Room update which is a perfect example of the power of color.

Tip #1- Find your favorite palette and decorating themes

Magazines and Pinterest Boards are filled with great ideas. When we first started remodeling our inns we had a huge wall board that was divided by common areas and rooms. Each block was filled with pictures, paint colors and fabrics that brought a huge visual and inspiration to tie everything together.

The beautiful Victorian homes of the past were known for their bold brightly colored dated wallpaper. When we purchased the Captain Freeman it was filled with floral blue and pink wallpaper- everywhere! Our artwork looked horrible and we could not imagine how our male guests felt about all the pink:( We realized very quickly that the wall paper had to go and that modern neutral paint colors would brighten and lighten up the inn giving us the brand we were looking for.

Tip #2- Choose your color scheme carefully

When choosing paint colors I liked to have several paint wheels from our local paint store. It’s especially important to look at these colors in the room you are painting with full light. Then you’ll need to decide if you want a monochromatic scheme which relies on one color using shades and tints in that same color category or if you want to have a complimentary color scheme that uses opposite colors on the pinwheel.

The Brewster room at the Captain Freeman Inn

The picture shown above was using monochromatic colors such as BM1603 graphite on the bed wall with BM1598 Silver Lake for the other three walls. When you are looking at your color wheel you’ll find complimentary colors on the same wand page.

Tip #3- Find inspiration from fabric, rug patterns and linen

One of the easiest ways to choose interior paint colors is to start with print fabric from a pillow or bedding.. If you are choosing an accent wall, look to the boldest or darkest colors in the pattern. If you would like a more calming effect look for the colors that are more subtle. One rule of thumb- lighter colors work well in large rooms and bolder colors make smaller rooms look larger. When we purchased Captain Freeman Inn we started in the common area and I found myself being inspired by different pieces included a wool rug that was inspiration for the paint colors on the ceiling medallion.

Ceiling medallion paint colors at the Captain Freeman Inn

Tip #4- Nature is always filled with inspiration

Bringing the outside in is a proven inspiration in the design world. Whether you choose foliage colors from fall, moss green colors from the forest or peaceful blues from the beach, all of these colors are restful and relaxing, which is a perfect tone to create for your guests.

Library corner in our new home in Hendersonville, NC

Tip #5 Use your favorite artwork as inspiration

We always paid as much attention to the artwork in the room as the wall color schemes. Most artists are masters at color and you can expand your color palette in a room by playing off the colors of artwork. You can also use a bolder color in your artwork to compliment the decor with pops of color in your lamps, pillows or linens. In the artwork shown above we took the colors in this Remington print to inspire our wall colors in Byron’s library.

Tip #6- Sample your paint color before committing

I am a firm believer in purchasing the little sample cans of paint colors. In fact I have been known to sample 3 or 4 different colors to make sure I have it right.

Master bath in our new home where we carried through the primary color tone.

Tip #7- Flowing the same paint colors through out your property has benefits

If you are decorating small spaces or open floor plan, keeping a consistent color flow can create not only a relaxed atmosphere but can also make the space seem larger and pulled together.. Even when decorating larger properties, keeping the same flow and color palette in neutral colors can be stunning. We liked to have a “Signature” color that was in our common areas and to carry that same hue in different tones throughout the inn. Each room can have its own bold accents with different furniture and decor but you can use the same Signature colors in each room. We liked to keep the molding and flooring similar where ever possible.

One of our favorite neutral tomes is BM970 White Down and BM1576 Ice Cap

Tip #8- take advantage of the new color apps out there

It’s amazing what technology can do to show you how your room will look with different color tones. We like this Benjamin Moore App but the options are endless now. https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/color-overview/personal-color-viewer

Tip #9- stay consistent with the type of paint you use

This is words of wisdom from inn keepers that have made this mistake. From the beginning of your remodel decide on the type of paint you want to use throughout the inn- i.e. matt, semi-gloss, eggshell, etc It’s so much easier when you go back to have more paint mixed that you don’t get the wrong type of paint. The same color in semi-gloss to egg shell will look very different on a wall. We like to use white semi gloss for the trim, flat for the ceiling (that is mixed 3/4 flat ceiling paint with 1/4 eggshell wall color, and eggshell for the walls.

An eggshell finish has a shine that’s extremely subtle but without the same smoothness as a satin finish. Thus, it doesn’t highlight imperfections quite as much, making it a much more suitable interior wall paint. It’s easy to apply and can often cover well with a single coat, making it a better choice for many people.

Tip #10- Choose quality paint

We do a lot of our own painting and have experience in which ones worked better. With paint, you definitely get what you pay for. Pretty consistently we found that cheap paint won’t give you good coverage like premium paint will. Inexpensive paint has a very thin consistency. This means more material, more dipping the roller, and more time spent working. Premium paint costs more, but it’s thicker and covers more in one or two coats. Good quality paint is important to lend a bright, cleanable and durable finish to your walls. We have found two brands that provide the thicker consistency and worth the extra price- Sherwin Williams products (we always bought their premium paint) and the Valspar brand from Lowe’s .

With these quality paints your Inn can look like it has just stepped out of House Beautiful!

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